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MIDI-to-Sprig 🎼->📜

Sprig is an awesome game console that you can get only by creating a game for it!


It comes with ultra-simple JavaScript game engine which allows you to start gaming very fast!

Below is a converter that takes a midi file - which you can create by, for example, making your own music with a piano keyboard 🎹…

…and spits out code understood by the Sprig engine, so you can play your own cool music in your games!

Select a .mid file:

Then, use this in your code as such:

// a list of all tracks found in the midi file
let tracks = [ ...

tracks.forEach((e) => playTune(e));
// done! playing your music now!

If you want to later stop the playback, do this:

// two different songs from generator
let song1 = [ ... ];
let song2 = [ ... ];

// array holding playback objects
let playbacks = [];

function stop() {
    playbacks.forEach((e) => e.end());

function play(song) {
    stop(); // stop whats currently playing
    // put playback objects returned by playTune() into the array
    playbacks = song.map((e) => playTune(e));