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Restoring ESPHome secrets from Home Assistant

Hi there πŸ‘‹ !

If you’re as a big brain as me 🧠 and, for example, you fried your only PC with your ESPHome ’s secrets.yaml file…

…and now you can’t update, nor make new devices because you don’t have your api password or encryption key…

…do not worry! You can restore them from Home Assistant itself! Here is how:

In case you landed here by accident: ESPHome is a super-cool system that allows you to make your own devices like WiFi thermometers, plugs, etc very easily! Check it out: https://esphome.io/

Home Assistant is a gigachad solution for smart home - it unites all of your Phillips Hue’s, Google Home’s and Xiaomi’s into one, open-source, ✨beautiful✨ dashboard. It’s a main usecase of ESPHome. Check it out too: https://www.home-assistant.io/

They are all stored in config/.storage/core.config_entries file 🌈

Open it in some text editor and search for "password" or "noise_psk" - here they are! Not hashed, not salted, just plain-text πŸ˜€

// Sadly, you can’t restore your web_server credentials like that :( - but they are not as important πŸ‘

(for me, it looked like this:)

matiii@gimbpc:~$ ssh matiii@matih.duckdns.org
matiii@rpic:~$ cd docker/hass/config/
matiii@rpic:~/docker/hass/config$ grep "noise_psk" .storage/core.config_entries 
                    "noise_psk": "my_encryption_keys_E9KbabCF6occ6kodczlZssGQ="
                    "noise_psk": "my_encryption_keys_E9KbabCF6occ6kodczlZssGQ="
                    "noise_psk": "my_encryption_keys_E9KbabCF6occ6kodczlZssGQ="
matiii@rpic:~/docker/hass/config$ grep "password" .storage/core.config_entries 
                    "password": "my_api_password_",
                    "password": "my_api_password_",
                    "password": "my_api_password_",