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My new coffe maker

Hi everyone! I brought a new gadget last weekend.

It’s a coffee maker 🎉

Reading my blog, you would expect some super smart, wifi-enabled machine - but actually, it’s just a simple “transfer coffee maker”.

I wanted to keep it cheap, because I want to use it in my dormitory. We can’t have any high-power devices, so getting it confiscated is a risk.

I have had it for over a week, and I use it every day! However, I already noticed few issues:

After all, I think it was made for offices and other places with crowds of coffe-addicts - not ordinary people. That said, I find enjoyment while using it, and do not regret 🥰

Me with my coffe maker
Me with the machine

Now, I’m thinking of buying a coffe grinder, so I can get the best of coffe world ☕

Anyway, that’s all for now!